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We develope what it takes to automate your daily opertional rutine

Building IoT solutions to monitor and track your opertional tasks and silo systems to bring it altogether with only one foucs which is leaning your business forward

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Pool InTouch

End to End Pool Monitoring & Automation

Focusing on Pool operations, we developed an end to end solution to monitor and automate daily operations starting by checking water quality (pH, ORP), temperature, filter pressure, electrical connectivity, turbines effeciency ... Device is connected to appropriate water flow pipes using probes and share data over LoRa WAN secured network

Mayer Mike and Mohamed Rezk
Bus InTouch

Comprehensive transit solution

A full featured Transit solution providing an Automatic Passenger counter, Vehicle location tracking and a Computer Assisted Dispatcher. information is being utilized in a holistic matter to provide an OMNI opertional monitoring solution that automate Voice Annunciation and bus / route utilization. information also is being used to profile different driving and maintenance prespectives